Grill food

George Forman grilled steak with a butter compound of garlic and chives

Steaks who can pass on a good steak not many I would image?

When it comes to grilling a steak there is many different ways this can be done and that is what I am going to discus today that is the different grill methods one can use. It is one type of style that that you may use to get a different taste to get what would be your perfect steak. We all prefer our steak to be cooked to our liking and the grill method has a lot to do with it.

Let us take a look at a few styles and methods

I remember when gas grills came out and the big push for everyone to own one. A selling point was it would cut down time of cooking but we did lose some flavor components in this way of cooking. The control over the flame was a very nice factor and being able to control the temperature was a good thing from it but the taste was just not as good as charcoal or wood. Some of you did not like that charcoal flavor and some did not like the smoky flavor from wood so this was a great choice for you. Sometimes we just do not have many choices to chose from such a person living in a apartment or school dorm room so the great little electric George Forman grill was your choice or a simple grill plate to lay on top of your stove top burners. The George Forman works rather well at cooking steak, chops, chicken, hamburgers and fish.

I own one charcoal/wood type, two gas grills and two smokers one charcoal and one gas. I also have two grill plates for when it is to cold to grill outside. I gave away my George Forman to a friend that lives in a apartment so he could grill his chicken and steaks with. If I had to chose what I like best for my steaks it would still be charcoal or wood to cook it with. At a later time I will talk about what we can do to finish the steak and some of things to do to it to make it more tender and juicy.

Mouth watering to look at!

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