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Hello I go by Poppy G or Oldman Poppy so let me fill you in on a little bit about me.

For the last thirty years I have been a truck driver full time and this has been a rewarding career for me but it has played a very heavy burden on my health. Today I am over weight by 140lbs to what would be a normal weight for a person of my height. I am a heavy smoker that is trying to quit right now and doing pretty good with that. However, about two years ago the doctor told me I was type two diabetic and I needed to change all my habits and foods I love to eat and drink. That was a eye opening experience for me and it started me on another path that I thought was long gone.

When I first started out in the work force it was working for restaurant’s as a busboy then moving into the kitchen as a line cook then a prep cook, grill cook and then into the bar I went as a bar back then bartender. I did all this from about fifteen years old until I was nineteen years old then a kitchen manager job opened up for me and I did that for a couple of years before moving on to truck driving.

Over all these years when I was home the wife did all the grocery shopping and cooking even when i drove local for the last twenty two years she always did that but after I was told about the type two I decided that I would have to change the way I eat along with what I eat so I decided to start cooking again and doing the grocery shopping and giving my wife some needed rest form that chore since she does so many things related to the house hold task each day.

This is why I decided to start this site to help others with the basic need to feed themselves a little more healthier and do it as low cost as you can. I have been working on the idea of smaller portions since these days it is just the wife and me and let me tell this is hard for a old restaurant cook to do. I have notice over the last year that eating this way can also not be as time consuming as one would think. I have made many meals in fifteen minutes or less so with that in mind I will bring you into my world with thoughts, cost saving ways, meals that are healthier than fast food but fast food you make that will bring joy to you and your family.

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