I just love meat but I am sure that some will not agree with me on that! I think that one must enjoy the fruits, veggies and grains as well. The thing that makes meat special is it is the only place you can get M-Iron in your diet. It is a necessary for women to have in their diet during children bearing ages at least that is what my wife has told me. I am no expert on this I just know I love the taste of a good hamburger, steak, chicken, fish, lamb, goat and bison. Each one has good and bad things in them but if you eat them every now and then it is a healthy way to live.

Lets talk about the best way to eat them:

If you really do not like the taste of a meat then there is many ways you can still eat them, if you add them to a stew, chili, noodles, pie, porridge or soup.

My favorite is to cook a steak is over wood and coals to get all the flavors from the smoke and flame. However, more delicate meats like fish I want to cooked them in a oven or pan so they do not dry out. If I’m going to have lamb I want it slow cooked depending on the cut, lamb makes great stews if you slow cook it. Ground bison makes great taco’s and burrito’s so does ground lamb. My top three ways to cook most meats would be:

  • Grill over coal and wood
  • Skillet or pan fry
  • Oven
  • Note: Some items call for both pan and then in to the oven
  • Smoke meats but not fish it will dry it out

All in all it’s what ever you like the best for what ever it is you are eating for that meal. the important thing is that you are getting some meat in to your diet at least once a week for red meat. Eat more fish and chicken but do not be afraid of other meats like bison, lamb, or goat. Be rounded in the things you eat and you will never go wrong.

Published by oldmanpoppy

Just a man with a love of all things food related

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