The newest food craze

My wife bought me some flavored olive oils for Christmas this last year and she tells me it is the latest craze. I thought we could take a look at some of them and where to buy them or perhaps even make them ourselves.

I was looking on Amazon and I see a lot of them to buy from $7 dollars to $80 dollars with all kinds of flavors to chose from.

NOTE: These are dipping oils and salad oils not to cook with!

I can say this about these kinds of oils they are great with French Baguettes and salads.

However I have made my very own chili infused oil for adding to Asian dishes and that is wonderful as well. It really is not that hard to do and you can use any high heat oil like grape seed oil or avocado oil are some good choices.

Heat the oil up in a pan until it begins to smoke add chili flakes stir for a few minutes and remove from heat let it cool all the way down you can strain the flakes out of it as you poor it in to a container that has a “V” shape to poor with into a bottle or keep the flakes in to add more heat to it. It is good stuff to add to soups and pasta.

One of the bottles the wife bought me for Christmas was Garlic with Black Pepper infused olive oil and this is great on salads with a little white vinegar, it is tasty. I like to dip my shrimp cocktail shrimp in these oils instead of the cocktail sauce it is a little bit more healthy for you.

I would recommend trying them for yourself and then try making one the process is really simple not to try it. Just remember you must not leave hot oil un-attended stay with it until you move it off the heat during it’s cooling off period. Be safe while heating up your oil wait until it begins to smoke lower your heat and add whatever you are infusing stir for a few minutes and remove to cool. Do not leave it sit on the hot burner it will continue to cook and could burn. I made that mistake once and it tasted terrible so do not do that.

Here is a video on how to infuse oils

Asian infused oils

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