food the life line

We all must eat to survive but as the title says it is a life line to our very being. It is very important the kinds of food we decide to eat and what it can do to our systems, If you eat good for you foods like organic, fresh, homemade, home grown, and home raised then your very being is much better overall. Frozen food like veggies when you cannot get fresh is better than most can goods in some cases the cost can be better than can goods so keep that in mind.

Foods you should avoid are as follows:

  • Pre-maid meals (frozen diners)
  • process food ( hotdogs)
  • foods with loads of sugar (candy bars etc…)
  • Fried foods (potato chips and French fry’s)
  • Food with loads of sodium ( read the labels it will shock you)

I know there is people that live life to be healthy and will only eat certain foods and this is good if you keep it rounded. What I mean by this is eat all food but do not limit the body to only eating veggies all the time or meat all the time. It must be a well managed system you feed the body. Our bodies are designed to eat grains, veggies, meat, and dairy this is why we crave certain things. Feed the life line with good foods all the time and watch the amounts of it you eat and you will feel the difference everyday.

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